DÄMOREN (Valducan, #1)

By Seth Skorkowsky | Cover by J.M. Martin


Dämoren is book one of Seth Skorkowsky's popular urban fantasy series, Valducan. Book two, Hounacier, will be released mid-March, 2015.


In the same vein as SUPERNATURAL, HELLBOY, and BLADE comes... DÄMOREN.



A secret society of monster hunters.
A holy revolver forged to eradicate demons.
A possessed man with a tragic past.
A rising evil bent on destroying them all. 


MATT HOLLIS is the current wielder of the holy weapon, Dämoren. With it, he stalks and destroys demons. 


A secret society called the VALDUCANS has taken an interest in Matt’s activities. They see him as a reckless rogue—little more than a ‘cowboy’ corrupted by a monster—and a potential threat to their ancient order. 


As knights and their sentient weapons begin dying, Matt teams up with other hunters of his kind such as LUIZA, a woman with a conquistador blade; ALLAN, an Englishman with an Egyptian khopesh; MALCOLM, a voodoo priest with a sanctified machete; and TAKAIRA, a naginata-swinging Samurai.


As the hunters become the hunted, they must learn to trust one another before a powerful demonic entity thrusts the world into a terrible and ageless darkness.



"Damoren caught me off guard with its lovingly-crafted deviation from all the standard things we have come to expect in the genre, reading like a big budget horror film at times instead of a typical Dresden clone. It's solid stuff, and well worth a read if you're into that kind of thing."

—J.R. Karlsson, FictionGarden.com


"Skorkowsky's Dämoren has the makings of a rollicking urban fantasy adventure in the noir tradition."

—Elizabeth Bear, Author of Hammered (Jenny Casey) and Blood and Iron (Promethean Age)


Written by Seth Skorkowsky

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

Approx. Pages: 374; 90,000 words

Release Date: April 16th, 2014


ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9913605-7-4 / $14.99 USD

ISBN (ePub): 978-0-9903909-5-4  / $3.99 USD

ASIN (Amazon): B00JNYVG52 / $3.99 USD


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HOUNACIER (Valducan, #2)

By Seth Skorkowsky | Cover by J.M. Martin


Hounacier is book two of Seth Skorkowsky's popular urban fantasy series, Valducan



Eleven years ago, atheist MALCOLM ROMERO met a god. Now he’s a demon-hunting voodoo priest armed with a holy machete named Hounacier.


After the murder of his mentor, he returns to New Orleans to catch the killer. But more is at stake when Malcolm finds himself betrayed, and his holy blade stolen. Now Malcolm’s only hope to save his soul and to recover HOUNACIER, is the Valducan knight sent to kill him, MATT HOLLIS, the wielder of the holy revolver DÄMOREN.



"Urban fantasy at its best. I loved this story."

—Frank R. Errington, blog review


"Hounacier is a very different book from Damoren but not a bad one. Those looking for a continuation of Matt Hollis' demon-slaying adventures will have to wait for future installments of the book. Those interested in a Voodoo-practicing demon-hunting stalking werewolves and succubi in New Orleans, however, are in for a treat."

—C.T. Phipps, BookieMonster review

Written by Seth Skorkowsky

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

Approx. Pages: 364; 90,000 words

Release Date: March 16th, 2015


ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-941987-43-8 / $16.95 USD

ISBN (ePub): 978-1-941987-44-5 / $4.99 USD

ASIN (Amazon): B00UQP17JW / $4.99 USD


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Author Photo

Seth Skorkowsky was born in Texas in 1978. He currently lives in Denton, Texas, with his wife, and works for the University of North Texas. His short story "The Mist of Lichthafen" was nominated for a British Fantasy Award (long list) in 2009. Dämoren is Seth's debut novel and was recently nominated and shortlisted for the Reddit Fantasy Stabby Award for "Best Debut Novel."


He recently signed a two-book deal with Ragnarok for his "Black Raven" sword-and-sorcery collection. When not writing, Seth enjoys travel, shooting, and tabletop gaming.